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Here are some questions classmates have asked regarding our 40th reunion.

How did you derive the number of people attending?
I used the number based on the 25 th reunion, which were 85 people.

Why do we have to pay now?
We have contracted with Valley Brook Country Club, our catering hall. There is an initial deposit of $100.00 to hold the room. We have to pay 1/3 of cost by end of March 2009. We need to know by then who will be attending. If your are attending, we need a $50.00/person deposit, balance by end of August ,2009. If your plans change, we will make every effort to refund your fee. The only other contract is with the DJ, who has already been paid $100.00 deposit.

How did you arrive at price?
Budget is as follows (based on 100 people)

Valley Brook $60.00/person
DJ 7.50/person
Picnic/school 10.00/person (Food, school rental?)
Souvenirs 20.00/person ( T shirts? , table prizes)
Differential 10.00/person (If under 100 people attend)
Misc 17.50/person (Cost to make picture name tags, binding for biography booklets, misc/unknown)

Total $125.00/person

Buffet breakfast is at Mariott at cost of $25.00/person. This is why $125.00/person is for reunion and $150.00/person is breakfast and reunion.

Please mail checks to:
Ron DeCanio
108 Harvard Road
Fair Haven, NJ 07704

Make payable to CHS Class of 1969

How did you arrive at hotel accommodations?
Many thanks to Mike Martin, and Barbara Feeeney who helped with this. After contacting 6 hotels in area, we can up with Mariottt Hotel in Saddle Brook, who will hold 25 rooms which you can reserve yourself at cost of $109.00/ night. Also Mariott is where we are holding Sunday breakfast. You do not have to book room in order to participate in breakfast. Hotel room is your obligation.

What do you want in the biography?
We want no more than 1 page on yourself and your family. Your name, current address, email address, phone number, occupation, children, grand children, great grand children, awards you received, special offices and associations that you are member of, hobbies, and any other pertinent information. We will not sell or reproduce this information to any outside association or individual other than a member of CHS Class of 1969 who participates. Classmates who can not attend reunion, but would like a booklet, we will do our best to accommodate their requests. Some may wish not to have this information published and we will respect that if requested. The Bio's can also be posted on our website with your permission when submitting the info. Please email this information to Eileen Mc Glone Kress at ekress@triad.rr.com or fill in the Bio page on our website.